Saforelle Miss

Daily intimate and corporal care for girls


Babies require specially adapted skincare products. So do girls. “It stings! It itches! It burns!” – as early as four years of age, little girls’ sensitive skin can become dry or irritated.


Specially formulated for everyday use, Saforelle Miss gentle cleansing solution contains natural extracts of hydrating marshmallow and soothing burdock.


Active ingredients for your little Miss :

  • Natural Marshmallow extracts, moisturises and softens, ensuring that dryness-prone skin in the vulva area is better hydrated.
  • Burdock extracts soothe and cleanse, making the product gentle enough for everyday use.
  • The soap-free formula containing plant extracts does not dry or strip away the skin’s protective barrier.


  • The hypoallergenic* formula is paraben, phenoxyethanol and colouring agent free
  • Phthalate-free packaging
  • Clinically tested by paediatricians

Designed to make washing enjoyable

  • 95% of mothers are satisfied with Saforelle Miss.
  • 95% of mothers would recommend Saforelle Miss to a friend for their child.
  • 95% of mothers think Saforelle Miss is suitable for everyday use.

Recommended use

Saforelle Miss is specially formulated for cleansing intimate areas.

It is also recommended for preventing and soothing irritated mucosa. It can be used like a liquid soap once or twice daily as needed.

Lather, rinse well, and pat dry. Saforelle Miss can be used from age 4 to puberty.


* Formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.
** Clinical trial no. ET545. Tests carried out under paediatric supervision on 20 girls aged between 4 and 12.

Why should I use an intimate hygiene product designed for girls?

Saforelle Miss has a soap-free and hypoallergenic formula that respects little girls’ sensitive skin. As girls’ mucosa is particularly prone to dryness, this product contains a hydrating and soothing active ingredient (marshmallow). Burdock extracts calm any minor irritations. Your little miss can use the pump bottle all by herself, moving one step closer towards bathing independently. Saforelle Miss is designed to make washing easy and enjoyable.

Can Saforelle Miss be used on the whole body?

Yes. Because it is designed for one of the body’s most fragile areas, Saforelle Miss can be used on the whole body. Its formula containing plant extracts washes the skin without drying it.

Should Saforelle Miss only be used on irritated skin?

Saforelle Miss is designed for everyday use. Its gentle formula containing plant extracts is ideal for little girls’ sensitive skin. Saforelle Miss can be used in conjunction with medication to treat and soothe irritations, redness, itching or burning sensations.

Why is Saforelle Miss recommended for girls aged four and up?

Four years is often when little girls start to wash themselves. At this age, the risk of irritation in intimate areas is higher because they are learning to bathe independently and they may not wash or dry themselves correctly. Saforelle Miss can be used up until puberty. There is no reason it cannot be used earlier.

Can Saforelle Miss be used as shampoo?

No. Saforelle Miss was designed to wash skin.

Can Saforelle Miss be used on boys?

Saforelle Miss is formulated for sensitive skin and can therefore be used on boys. When washing children, it is important to avoid aggressive products that can harm mucosa and encourage infections.

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