Vaginal flora

Healthy vaginal flora is the body’s first line of defence against urogenital infections.

Like the body’s other organs, the vagina has its own flora composed of different kinds of bacteria. The main kind of bacteria found in the vagina is lactobacillus, which plays a key defensive role.
Lactobacilli help protect against microbes of external origin (such as sexually transmitted diseases or infections by bacteria in gut flora) and microbes normally present in the vaginal cavity that reproduce at abnormal rates (causing problems such as thrush or vaginosis). These infections can result in unpleasant symptoms (including itching, irritation, burning sensations, unpleasant odours, abnormal or increased discharge or pain during intercourse).


> Some factors can increase the risk of vaginal floral imbalance (by affecting lactobacilli levels):

  • Antibiotics
  • Smoking
  • Washing intimate areas too much or incorrectly
  • Hormone changes (caused by pregnancy, menopause, a change in contraceptive, etc.)
  • Synthetic fabrics, tight clothing or underwear washed with fabric softeners
  • Unprotected sex
  • Swimming pools or saunas
  • Stress

> Lower levels of lactobacilli, especially during menstruation, can upset the balance of vaginal flora

When vaginal floral imbalances occur, there is a higher risk of urogenital infections. Probiotics are therefore recommended to increase lactobacilli levels.


The solution? Probiotics – a simple and natural way of minimising discomfort in intimate areas.

Flore intime


Probiotics are bacteria that are naturally present in the human body (in the stomach, intestines, throat and vagina).
They reinforce the body’s natural defences against infections by maintaining a healthy bacterial ecosystem. Probiotics have been used for their health benefits for over ten years.
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Dr. Jean-Marc Bohbot

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