Irritation in intimate areas

Intimate areas can become irritated for many reasons. Irritations can affect the vulva or vaginal area, and include itching, burning or abnormal discharge.


What are the causes?

  • Using harsh soap (such as regular bath soap) to wash intimate areas
  • An imbalance in the vaginal flora
  • Thrush or other types of infections
  • Prolonged contact with urine or faeces
  • Using perfumed toilet paper
  • Wearing synthetic underwear or tight jeans
  • Using a fabric softener or detergent containing high levels of fragrance

Simple steps that can prevent discomfort

  • Avoid douching, which can upset the balance of vaginal flora. Douching is completely unnecessary, because the vagina cleans itself.
  • Only wash external areas (the vulva and the area around the anus).
  • Wash intimate areas a maximum of twice daily, morning and evening. Washing more frequently can cause irritations.
  • Use soap-free cleansing products that are formulated for intimate areas and that contain a soothing active ingredient.
  • Use vaginal probiotics to restore vaginal flora and prevent recurring infections of the vulva and vaginal areas (including thrush).
  • If you are prescribed antibiotics, inform your doctor that you are prone to irritations in intimate areas.

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