Intimate hygiene: what do you need to know

Tissues in intimate areas are extremely sensitive. Washing too little or too much or using unsuitable products can upset the balance of protective flora in the vulva and vagina areas, leading to irritation and infections.

Whenever you experience discomfort in intimate areas (itching, thrush, etc.), it is important to adopt appropriate hygiene practices, in addition to taking any medication prescribed by your doctor.

  1. Wash intimate areas a maximum of twice daily, morning and evening. Washing more frequently can cause irritation.
  2. Do not douche. Hard water, repeated soaping and harsh products can harm the protective film coating the vaginal walls.
  3. Rinse well after washing intimate areas.
  4. Dry carefully.
  5. If necessary, apply a soothing product.
  6. Avoid antiseptic products and use gentle, soap-free cleansing solutions.
  7. Wash intimate areas with your hands – bath mitts are teeming with microbes.
  8. Wear clean underwear every day and opt for cotton garments rather than synthetic fabric or silk.
  9. Avoid tight clothing, as it can cause chafing.
  10. During periods, change your pad or tampon regularly.

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