Intimate hygiene after sport

During sport, prolonged contact with perspiration can cause or aggravate irritations or itching of the mucous membranes, especially in women who regularly experience minor gynaecological problems.

Here is how to avoid intimate ailments while enjoying sport.


For all sports fans (jogging, dance, fitness, etc.):

After exercise, take a shower or use intimate wipes to avoid prolonged contact with perspiration and to soothe irritation due to chafing.

  1. Avoid wearing excessively tight trousers or shorts, which lead to increased perspiration and chafing. This can cause irritation.
  2. Wear cotton underwear – synthetic fabrics and silk can cause irritation.
  3. After doing sport, take a shower and wash intimate areas to avoid prolonged contact with perspiration, which often causes mycosis.
  4. Wash yourself with your hands – bath mitts are teeming with microbes and should be avoided at all costs.
  5. If you shower frequently, use a gentle, soap-free cleanser.
  6. After showering, carefully dry intimate areas and the rest of your body with a clean, dry towel.
  7. Use soothing intimate wipes if you cannot take a shower. These handy wipes are easy to slip into sports bags.

For fans of water sports:

Water in swimming pools can aggravate itching and irritation in women with sensitive skin and mucous membranes.


We recommend you take off your wet swimsuit as soon as possible after getting out of the water. Damp swimsuits can facilitate the development of mycosis in intimate areas.


It is also important to wash off all traces of irritantsthe chlorine and disinfectants used to treat pool water. Take a shower using a cleansing product suitable for intimate areas and the rest of the body, or use soothing intimate wipes.

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