Dryness in intimate areas

Dryness can lead to infections in the vulvar and vaginal areas and affect intercourse. Suitable intimate hygiene products can help minimise this problem.


A widespread phenomenon

One in five women complain of dryness in intimate areas* but every woman is at risk of this problem during her lifetime. Gynaecologists can identify the source of the problem and know how important it is to choose a suitable intimate hygiene product.


Hormonal changes

Oestrogen is essential to ensure the elasticity and hydration of vaginal mucosa. Hormonal changes can lead to dryness in intimate areas, in particular at the beginning of pregnancy, while breastfeeding and during menopause.



Washing intimate areas excessively can lead to imbalances in vaginal and vulvar flora, which can in turn cause infections (such as mycosis). Brazilian-style hair removal can lead to dryness and irritation by exposing the vulvar area. Stress and smoking can also be factors.



Some medication can cause intimate dryness, including some antidepressants, the mini-pill, etc.



Whatever the cause and whether your symptoms are rare or regular, intimate hygiene is an essential step in minimising dryness. When choosing a suitable intimate hygiene product, make sure you:

  • Choose a soap-free cleanser with a lipid-enriched formula that helps maintain the hydrolipid film and natural lubrication process of intimate areas.
  • Choose a product with a hydrating active ingredient.
  • Avoid products with antiseptic ingredients, as these can damage mucosa and destroy lactobacilli (friendly bacteria in the vaginal flora) in the vulva area near the vaginal opening. Opt for gentle products.


We recommend Saforelle Intensive Moisturising  Cleansing Care, specially formulated for dryness in intimate areas. Its lipid-enriched formula contains natural aloe vera extracts, which help hydrate and soothe. With a mild alkaline pH and calming burdock extracts, this cleansing solution is gentle enough for everyday use.


* Survey by KY-Louis Harris, January 2003.

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