Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam

Intimate and corporal hygiene: cares for and soothes irritated skin


Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam is specially formulated for very irritated skin. Its gentle cleansing action soothes itchiness and discomfort.


Its foamy texture limits chafing during washing, providing greater comfort. 


Its mild alkaline pH and burdock-enriched formula make it perfect for daily use, maintaining the skin’s natural balance.



Soap, paraben, colouring agent and phenoxyethanol free.
Clinically tested.


Recommended use

Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam can be used as a liquid soap on the skin and/or external mucosa. After application, rinse well.

Gentle enough to be used daily, Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam is recommended for discomfort in intimate areas and very irritated skin (including after an episiotomy).


Why should I use an intimate cleanser in foam form?

Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam is specially designed for sensitive or very irritated skin. Thanks to its foamy texture, less rubbing is required, thereby reducing chafing in the irritated area. For optimal tolerance, it is paraben, colouring agent and soap free and is suitable for everyday use.

Can I use Saforelle cleansing foam every day?

Yes. Because it contains no parabens, soap or colouring agents, Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam is suitable for everyday use.

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