Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam

Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam

Feminine and corporal hygiene: soothes and softens mucosa and irritated or sensitive skin.

Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam gently cleans and calms irritations and itching.

Its foamy texture limits chafing during washing providing greater comfort in case of irritations.

Its formula enriched with softening and calming burdock and its mild alkaline pH also make it perfect for daily feminine and corporal care.

  • Tolerance

    Formulated for feminine cleansing that respects the vagina's natural flora.
    Clinically tested.
    Contains no soap or parabens.

  • Recommended use

    Saforelle Ultra-Mild Cleansing Foam can be used as a liquid soap on the skin and/or external mucosa in the shower or bath. Rinse well under running water.
    Can be used every day and especially when skin is irritated.

  • Presentation

    250 ml bottle with pump, ACL 442355.9

  • Recommended additional products

    Saforelle Cream to prolong the softening and soothing action
    Saforelle Intimate Wipes for gentle cleansing any time

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  • Why should I use a feminine cleanser in foam form?

    Saforelle foam is particularly indicated for irritable skin and mucosa. Its foamy texture limits contact irritations. Since the cleanser is already foamy, less rubbing is required, thereby reducing chafing on the skin and mucosa. Plus, its composition (no fragrances, preservatives or soap) means it is well tolerated for everyday use.

  • Can I use Saforelle cleansing foam every day?

    Yes, its composition (no fragrances, preservatives, soap or artificial colours) means it can be used every day.