What products should you use?

My child has sensitive skin...

Your child has sensitive skin and you need a gentle cleanser.

Your child's skin is hyper reactive. A variety of factors such as cold, the sun and hard water can cause redness, irritations and stinging.
The choice of a cleanser is particularly important for your baby's sensitive skin and mucous membrane. You need to avoid overly aggressive products and instead choose a soap-free cleanser that is perfectly tolerated.

After washing, we also recommend you apply a cream to calm and soothe your child's skin and/or mucosa.

Products for : My child has sensitive skin...

  • Lotion

    Baby and child care: Itching and irritation of sensitive mucosa and skin

  • Mild Cleansing Gel
    Mild Cleansing Gel

    Baby and child care: soothes and softens mucosa and sensitive or irritated skin