Ultra-Mild Intimate Wipes

Ultra-Mild Intimate Wipes

Feminine and corporal hygiene; sensitive mucosa and skin

Saforelle Ultra-Mild Intimate Wipes clean and refresh the mucosa and sensitive skin any time (when travelling, before a doctor's appointment, during your period, etc.). Soaked with a soap-free cleansing solution enriched with calming and softening burdock, they guarantee gentle feminine care.

Keep Saforelle Intimate Wipes in your handbag!

  • Tolerance

    Formulated for feminine cleansing that respects the vagina's natural flora.
    Clinically tested.
    Contains no soap, alcohol or parabens.
    Natural fabric made of 100% biodegradable fibres.

  • Recommended use

    Saforelle Ultra-Mild Intimate Wipes can be used anywhere, any time, to feel fresh.
    They can be safely disposed of in the toilet after use.

  • Presentation

    Pocket pouch of 10 wipes, ACL 471778.1
    Box of 10 wipes in individual packs, ACL 427116.7

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  • Témoignages

    "Preventing and treating minor feminine problems: Irritations, burning, itching, etc."

    ...Already reputed for its line of feminine and body care products, Saforelle launches the pocket pack of intimate wipes... Their active ingredient, burdock, is known for its anti-fungal, anti-itching, softening and soothing properties."

  • Glamour

    "Mrs Clean"

    ...Wipes? Perfect on the run, when you have a ob-gyn appointment without having to go home (Saforelle)."