Intimate hygiene after sport

Here is how to avoid intimate ailments while enjoying sport.

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Hygiene intime menopause

Menopause and intimate hygiene

Menopause often leads to dryness in the vulva and vagina areas. Using a suitable hygiene product can help minimise vulva discomfort.

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Pregnancy and intimate hygiene

During pregnancy, mucous membranes in the genital area are often more sensitive than usual so you must be extremely careful when choosing a hygiene product

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Vaginal flora

Healthy vaginal flora is the body’s first line of defence against urogenital infections.

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Irritation in intimate areas

Intimate areas can become irritated for many reasons. Irritations can affect the vulva or vaginal area, and include itching, burning or abnormal discharge.

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Dryness in intimate areas

Dryness can lead to infections in the vulva and vaginal areas and affect intercourse. Suitable intimate hygiene products can help minimise this problem.

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What is the best pH level?

You might ask what the best pH level for intimate hygiene products is. Should you use a product with an alkaline, neutral or acidic pH

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Intimate hygiene: what do you need to know

Tissues in intimate areas are extremely sensitive. Washing too little or too much or using unsuitable products can upset the balance of protective flora in the vulva and vagina areas

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Health advice

Intimate areas are extremely sensitive. When selecting intimate hygiene products

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